Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lets get ready to rumble!

Ever stand there looking at the mirror thinking man, nothing ever exciting happens in this town? Where are the midgets on tricycles where are the banana cream pies that are supposed to be thrown. Well look no further than the city of  Baltimore. Put aside the long trip and the fear of getting robed and take your self on an adventure none too will soon forget. Elvis Birthday Fight Club, where else can you see Elvis duke it out with a beauty queen, and Colonal Sanders take arms with a chicken.  In this full on burlesque action you are never short for laughs.Co-hosted by Elvis Presley himself and DC's Femmee-cee Kittie  Glitter they keep the audience rolling with Elvis trivia and a “rock-a-hula hoop” contest. Brought to you by Creative Alliance at the Patterson they consistently make an effort to bring the stage to life, Co-produced by L’il Dutch Burlesque and ABJ Productions.

Sat Jan 14, 8pm.
$16, $11 mbrs.

The Patterson, 3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore MD, 21224, 410.276.1651 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby was a black sheep, baby was a whore!

What ever happened to sex drugs and Rock 'n' Roll? Is that era in music over forever?  Man has very few places where he can express himself, the stage being one of them. There used to be a time where one could light a guitar on fire, bite the head off a bat and carve their name into their chest. This was a time where one could freely express themselves through their music and what ever they did on stage was a byproduct of being in the moment of a spiritual music awakening. An Event so powerful the hair stands up on the back your neck, your heart starts racing and a new form of higher awareness comes over. You have just come to the realization that you have just witnessed history in the making. A moment so earthshaking that it will be etched in your mind forever.

With this blog I plan to unearth some of the best bands and venues in DC in an effort to prove that Rock 'n' Roll is not dead and in fact alive and well here in Washington DC and the Metro area. Thank you for reading and I hope yo enjoy.